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Use TEXTS to inform, motivate and mobilize.

We make it easy to build and manage a database of your contacts and send them quick texts to keep them informed. Industry-wide, texts have a 98% open rate. Texts get read, emails don’t. Let us give your communication strategy the edge you’ve been looking for.

How We're Different:
  • Automated text queries
  • Shareable URL for sign-up
  • Mobile canvassing tool
  • User-defined tags for grouping
  • Easy imports with tags
  • Electronic business card
  • Scheduled texts

Build Your Database

Unique Ways to Grow Your Contact List

Keyword Support

Users can opt in by texting a keyword to your unique number.

CSV Upload

We make it easy to import a list of your existing contacts.

URL Sign-up

Create an open URL to share on any channel for people to opt-in.

Unique Text Query

Collect data via automated message stream, including customizable questions.

Phone Contact import*

Easily import your phone contacts to your database. *In development.

Mobile Canvassing Tool

Quickly and easily add individuals to your database from any mobile device.

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Manage Contacts

So Much More than a Contact List

Custom Tags

Create custom tags for sorting and filtering contacts.

Group Contacts

Use tags to create contact groups.

Edit Contacts

Manually edit your contacts using any browser.

Export Contact

Export contacts at any time.

GPS Location Tags*

Automatically tag contacts based on location. *In development.

Prospect Lists*

Create prospects lists for convasing. *In development.

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Text Your Contacts

Communicate With Your Contacts

MMS Enabled

Send pictures, videos and other media files to your contacts.

Custom e-business card

Send a link with your contact information (vCard) to your contacts.

Permanent 10-Digit Number

You get a real phone number, not a 5-digit mystery.

Text Groups

Text all your contacts or specific groups of contacts.

Text Replies

Respond to anyone who replies to your texts.

Response-Based Queries*

Create response-driven text surveys. *In development.

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percent of texts opened within 3 minutes


times adults check their phone per day


hours/week adults spend texting


seconds until average text is read


Simple Pricing, Pay Only For What You Use

Our Pricing Table

Base Plan


Get started today!

  • 1 group
  • 1 permanent 10-digit number
  • 360 texts/hr (approx. send rate)
  • 500 texts per month included
  • $.02 per SMS text (after 500)
  • $.03 per MMS text
  • Unlimited users

Add-On Features


Increase Send Rate By 360 texts/hour
(adding phone number)


Additional Group, Includes 1 Phone Number


Dynamic Survey With Logic and Functions

Other Features:

Open Form URL (to share on any platform)
Easy CSV import
Export contacts
QR code support
Manually add (and/or edit) contacts
Media upload with link generation
Custom electronic business card (vCard)
Text all contacts or tagged groups
Respond to received texts
Text scheduling
Set notification preferences
Access complete testing history

What People Say?

As a county chair, I've been needing something like this for some time. Texts are so much more effective than email. I'm happy to recommend it to any candidate.

Mike Strong - Nacogdoches County Democratic Party Chair

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