Build Your Database

Unique Ways to Grow Your Contact List

Custom Text Surveys

Collect data from contacts via custom text questions

Sign-Up Pages

Create sign-up pages (online forms) and share links in emails and/or on social media

Flyer Templates

Create print materials to help contacts opt-in by texting your SMS Grouper number

Mobile Canvassing Tool

Quickly and easily add individuals to your database from any mobile device


Create keywords that will elicit custom pre-determined automated responses

Easy Import & Export

Import and/or export contacts using Excel or CSV files

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Send Text Messages

Build Relationships With Your Contacts

Send MMS Texts

Send pictures, videos and other media files

Send e-Business Cards

Send complete contact information in vCard format to your contacts

10-Digit Number

You get a real phone number, not a 5-digit mystery.

Text Groups

Text all your contacts at once or specific groups or subsets of contacts

Reply to Texts

Respond in real-time to incoming texts

Upload and Share Files

Upload and share links to larger documents and files

Manage Contacts

More Than Just A Contact List

Create Tags

Create custom tags for sorting and filtering contacts

Create Groups

Use tags to create contact groups

Edit Contacts

Manually edit your contacts using any browser

Schedule Texts

Set texts to automatically send at a specific time

Complete Text History

See a complete text history for each contact

Collect Missing Data

Identify and ask for missing data from contacts

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Our Pricing Table

Base Plan


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  • 1 group
  • 1 permanent 10-digit number
  • 360 texts/hr (approx. send rate)
  • 500 texts per month included
  • $.03 per SMS text in and out (after 500)
  • $.05 per MMS text in and out
  • Unlimited users



Each additional number increases send rate by 360 texts/hour


Additional groups or subaccounts, includes 1 phone number


What People Say?

As a county chair, I've been needing something like this for some time. Texts are so much more effective than email. I'm happy to recommend it to anyone.

Mike Strong - Nacogdoches County Democratic Party Chair

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